Bio-Conversion Technology

AT Feed and Feed supplements are bioconversion products of natural sources and cultured mycelia of medicinal mushrooms. Bioconversion technology is used to increase content of active ingredients, improve absorption rate and derive the new functional ingredients so as to boost the immune system of livestock, enhance the effect of vaccines as well as defense and recovery against diseases.

  • Functional
    native plants

  • Immuno-

  • Functional


Development of
Bioconversion agent

Increasing content of active ingredient

Improving absorption rate

Deriving new functional ingredient

5th generation

4th generation

3th generation

2th generation

1th generation

  • Extracts of enzyme-treated natural medium fermented(bio-converted) by mushroom mycelium

  • Extracts of natural medium fermented(bio-converted) by mushroom mycelium

  • Enzyme treated (bio-converted) extracts ofmushroom mycelium

  • Hot water extracts of mushroommycelium

  • Hot water extracts of mushroom(fruiting body)

Hot water extracts ofmushroom (fruiting body)

* Boiling down mushroom

  • Phellinus
  • Fermentation process: Bioconversion
  • Enzymatic treatment: Bioconversion
  • Black
    Rice bran
  • Arabinoxylan
  • β-Glucan
  • Antioxidant

  • New

Mechanisms of Immune system

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    Pathogen invasion A danger signal

    Cell wall component immune polysaccharides
    Similar cell wall component of pathogen
    Induces immune reaction
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    Activates pattern recognition receptor

    Activates pattern recognition receptor (TLR4)
    Stimulates TLR4 at the lowest concentration level
    Intensive immune control
    Low side effects
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    Activates innate immunity

    Activates macrophages
    Activates macrophage through TLR4
    Acts as LPS antagonist that is safer than other immune enhancers
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    Induces adaptive immunity

    Induces Th1 Immunity
    Available as supplement for allergic disease, fatty liver, cancer prevention
  • Safe recovery

    Recovery from disease
    Available for wound healing, and fibrosis prevention