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Feed formulation is the process of quantifying the amounts of feed ingredients that need to be combined to form a single uniform mixture (diet) for livestock that supplies all of their nutrient requirements.
Since feed accounts for 65-75% of total live production costs, a simple mistake in diet formulation can be extremely expensive for producers.

Feed formulation requires thorough understanding of the:
(a) nutrient requirements of the class of livestock (e.g., egg layers, meat chickens, breeders or fatteners);
(b) feed ingredients in terms of nutrient composition and constraints in terms of nutrition and processing, and
(c) cost and availability of the ingredients.

Most large-scale farmers have their own nutritionists and feed mills, whereas small operations usually depend on consultant nutritionists and commercial feed mills for their feeds. It is therefore essential that formulations are accurate because once feeds are formulated and manufactured, it is often too late to remedy any mistakes or inaccuracies without incurring significant expenses.

Our knowledgeable nutrient consultants provides the optimal feed formulation based on the usable ingredients for customers.
Also, AT Immune keeps updated data base through constant quality control and quality evaluation.

AT Immune especially provides the accurate, superior and the most cost optimal formulation for young piglet feed through our accumulated know-how, independent ingredients evaluation technology by utilizing breeding prediction system according to the specific breeding and environment.

We promise to keep doing our best to meet your optimal nutrient demand and make your profit as your success is our main concerns!