About us

Welcome to AT Group!

Eat and Jump ! This slogan means that we have a dream to make all of animals eat well and jump without pain.

AT is a specialist to manufacture animal immune feed supplements, functional feed and consult feed formulation.
Especially, it is said that the AT piglet feed is the best product with the unbeatable technology.

Livestock around the world has been long exposed to the various antibiotics as they have suffered from diseases.
However, consumer's demand for clean and safe meat has been continuously increased without the routine use of antibiotics.

After several years of research, AT developed the Immune Star Program to match changes in consumer needs and has been obtaining the great results through outstanding immune feed supplement and functional feed.

The big results of farm productivity and performance surely demonstrate that the world best formulator is AT, with no doubt.

AT will always be with you!
Warm regards,

Cho Chi-Hyoung