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Immune Presto

Immune enhancer

▪ Category: Immune enhancer
▪ Type: Mixture
▪ Species: For all species(Swine, Layer, Broiler, Pet, Cattle)
▪ Packing: 10 KG

A new concept feed supplement formulated for immune enhancer of swine, poultry, ruminant and pet to enable better nutrient utilization, resulting in more high quality meat, eggs or milk with lower total costs.
It is formulated through bioconversion technology to boost the immunity to help the livestock prevent, recover from viral disease, and maximize the vaccine effect as well as minimize the side effect of vaccine.

Key Features & Benefits

- Less disease & Quick recovery from disease
- Enhances vaccine efficacy
- Prevents diarrhea
- Stabilizes gut microflora
- Acts as a Non-Antibiotic Growth Promoter (NAGP)
- Improves feed efficiency, hatchability, fertility and egg production


Mode of action

A. Immune polysaccharides which are similar to cell wall component of pathogen act as pathogen invasion like a danger signal in the body 

B. It stimulates the pattern recognition receptor (TLR4) at the lowest concentration level resulting in intensive immune control and low side effects

C. Consequently, it activates the macrophages related to innate immunity and it acts as LPS antagonist that is safer than other immune enhancers

D. Therefore, it induces Th1 immunity and the helps recovery from disease and improves vaccine effect 



- L-Lysine Monohydrochloride (Over 0.2%)

​- DL-Methionine (Over 0.2%)

​- Sugar-rich (Over 10.0%)


Feeding direction
Mix 300 - 500 gm per M/T of compound feed
- Poultry: Starter 300-500 gm, Grower 250 gm, Finisher 200 gm, Breeder 300-500 gm
- Swine: 300-500 gm/M/T of feed
For fast performance or disease or condition, add 1KG per M/T of feed